HWGH: Naples

We are hoping to do a series of posts for our destinations, sharing a bit more in depth about how we used points and miles to get here. Since Rick is the expert in all things points related, he'll be the one explaining how all of this works! Enjoy!

Getting from Athens to Naples was a little more difficult--We needed to fly to Rome and then connect via ItaliaRail to Naples.  

I found a flight directly through Ryanair.com to Rome Ciampino Airport for $49.74 per person ($99.48 total).  I used a different credit card to write off this travel expense--the Barclay Arrival Card offers 40,000 points upon meeting minimum spending requirements and offer 2 points/dollar on everyday purchases.  I used 9,948 points to write off this flight on Ryanair and with Arrivalcard, you receive 10 percent of your points back, so 994 points were deposited back into my account.  So I really only used 8,954 points.  

Once arriving in Rome, we booked tickets on ItaliaRail one way to Naples, for $24.00 dollars a person ($48.00 total). I used my Arrival Card again and only redeemed 4,800 points (4320 points after the 10 percent back).  

In Naples, we decided to use Airbnb again to stay in a more local accommodation. Two nights in Naples only cost $147.00 total after service fees and I used 14,700 points on my Capital One Venture card to write off this expense.  

Phew! That's a lot of math! But, it hopefully gives you a bit of insight into our process and how we figured out this leg of our trip!


  1. I love how travel from one European country to another is so reasonable. Enjoy!


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