Euroadventure15: All around Crete

(posted by Emily)

3 July 2015
Crete, Greece (Chania)

On Friday, we woke up around 9 and decided to head off into town to eplore the island a bit more. We drove into Chania, and explored the beach a bit further west of where we had been our first day. 

After some sun and swim, we stopped and did some quick Googling about what was in the area--Rick found an olive oil tour a few km away at a company called Biolea. Their estate is up on a hill near a town called Deliana. 

We could see the ocean and this small village from the estate.

Chloe, the daughter of the family that began this company, gave us a tour of how they make their olive oil--still using a granite stone mill and cold pressing their oils. This is an old technology they have made modern, to get the best quality oil they can. 

For lunch, we asked Chloe where we should go and eat. She told us about the small taverna in Deliana run by Yannis, whose mother makes the best spinach pies. We were sold. 

The restaurant is a beautiful overgrown garden, with flowers and animal friends. In addition to the chickens, ducks, rooster, and a peacock, we met two very friendly kitties, one of whom helped himslef to my lap and attempted to help himself to our lunch :) 

For lunch we tried a local cola and another soda that tasted like bubble gum. We ordered stuffed zucchini, boulaki (I think?) which was a dish with potatoes, zucchini, eggplant, and four types of cheese, fava bean spread, and spinach pies. Our eyes were a bit bigger than our stomachs, and we ended up taking the majority of the pies home.

Dessert and raki were on the house--small cheese pies drenched in honey and cinnamon and cherries. 

We decided to head down to another beach in Platanos/Falasarna. The drive was stunning, through the hills and small villages. When we got to the beach, we were amazed by how clear the water was--I think the clearest ocean water we've ever seen! It looked like fresh water. 

Didn't bring the cameras to the beach, but here's a shot from the car before we left.

We decided to head into Old Chania for the evening. The Venetians once conquered Crete, and their influence is still evident. The Venetian Harbor is still home to their lighthouse and the streets are small and winding, with no cars. At some point Rick commented that it was like a more liveable Venice, and I said--of course it feels that way! :) 

We stopped in to a small hotel/cafe for cocktails, and the view was fabulous.

We finally stopped into one of the Greek churches--despite Rick's assumption that the outside of these buildings would be their most impressive part, the ornate sanctuary took our breath away.

After another stop to admire the view, we decided to stop in at a vegetarian spot, To Stachi.

We ordered an assortment of food--dried bread with tomatoes and feta, a small cheese pie, and eggplant with balsamic and raisins. The food was delicious, with the eggplant being our favorite part of the meal. Dessert was again on the house (a new favorite custom of ours)--a banana bread and cherries. 

The biggest bougainvilla I've ever seen!

As we walked back around the harbor to our car, we caught the sunset behind the lighthouse. A beautiful finish to the evening 

We drove back up to Koufos, and turned in early! Looking ahead to our final day on the island!


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