EuroAdventure15: On to Sorrento

(posted by Emily)

9 July 2015
Naples, Italy
Sorrento, Italy
Pompeii, Italy

On Thursday, we were leaving Naples for our next stop, Sorrento. The two cities are very near to one another, about an hour apart by train or boat. This was one part of our trip that we actually did not plan in advance. Since there are multiple ways to get to Sorrento from Naples, we were able to leave that end loose. 

We opted to take the ferry across the bay of Naples. Once we had had breakfast we walked down toward the harbor. Once there, we purchased tickets for the 11am boat and wasted some time playing games on our phones while we waited to leave. 

Breakfast at Federica's 

Our flat 

Walking to the harbor, past all of the cruise ships 

The boat took about 45 minutes, and gave great views of Mount Vesuvius. 

The harbor in Sorrento is down below the city, so we had to take the pedestrian elevator to the top. From there, we walked up to the Hilton Sorrento Palace, passing through downtown. 

The hotel is stunning, built up into the hillside. Our room wasn't ready yet, so we went to the executive lounge for some snacks and internet while passing the time. 

Once we were checked in to our (stunning) room (with a view), we decided to head over to the ruins at Pompeii. The train is easily accessed at Sorrento's main station, and only took about half an hour to reach Pompeii.

We had our Rick Steves walking tour ready to go (deceptively located under "Rome" in his audio app), and we were off.

The audio tour takes you around the major points of the ruins, helping you gain a better sense of what life was like in Ancient Rome. The citizens of Pompeii were brilliant engineers, with underground plumbing, standardized axle size, and fast food joints outside every attraction in the city. Because everything was so well preserved after the volcano erupted in 79 AD, you are able to really see a complete picture of life in the city. It was interesting to see the original locations of many of the frescos, statues, and objects we had seen the day before in the archeological museum.

The forum of the city, with Vesuvius in the background. 

Frescoes in the baths 

The bath house steam room 

An ancient snack bar/fast food joint. The holes in the marble counters helped keep food hot or cold 

Frescoes in the dining area of one of the homes 

A kitchen 

Mosaics in the brothel (we saw the originals the day before) that act as a menu or inspiration for the customers 

Looking out over the theater 

Made a new friend....

...and then saw this sign. 

Walking to the amphitheater 

There was a special exhibition (the same as at the museum) that housed all of the plaster casts of the bodies of the victims. Very interesting to see. 

After Pompeii, it was back on the train to Sorrento. Time for a shower, then off to explore the downtown areas.

I'll have to be honest--not our favorite! Busy and touristy, with small streets like Venice but somehow more off-putting. We didn't stay for long, and instead headed up to a vegetarian restaurant we had spotted earlier--Mondo Bio. Though it wasn't the "Italian Food Experience" Rick was hoping for, the food was still great.

Our new favorite, a bitter orange soda called Chinotto 

Rick had pesto pasta and I had tortelli, "Mondo Bio" style--it was in a creamy sauce with seitan bits

We also shared a calzone and seitan served with a lemon sauce. 

Once back at the hotel, it was off to bed in order to be ready for an early morning exploring the Amalfi Coast!

Gelato Flavor Inventory
 - dark chocolate x2
 - pistachio 
 - ricotta and pear 



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