EuroAdventure15: The Amalfi Coast

(posted by Emily)

10 July 2015
Sorrento, Italy
Amalfi, Italy
Revello, Italy

One of the main tourist draws in southern  Italy is the Amalfi Coast. There are any number of ways to get to the various towns along the way, but we chose the SITA bus. A 24 hour bus pass is only 8 Euro per person, and you can get on and off as you please. The first bus from Sorrento runs at 6:30, but because we wanted to get breakfast at the Hilton, we caught the 8:30. We managed to get seat, but on the left side to start. The right side is ideal, since you are literally against the coast, but I think we would have needed to be there a bit earlier to score those seats. That being said, at least we didn't have to stand! (later in the day, SITA buses are standing-room only)

The views were stunning as we worked our way down. Rick and I both listened to a Rick Steves podcast about the Amalfi Coats as we drove.

The first major town you pass through is Positnaos--the vast majority of the people on our bus got off there, so we were able to snag seats on the right side for the rest of the journey to Amalfi. Our plan was to hit Positanos on the way back to Sorrento that evening.

Everything is built into the side of the hill

There are plenty of times when the road is literally right agains the edge of the cliff, looking over into the ocean. It's amazing how good the bus drivers are. 

When we got in to Amalfi, we decided to wander the city a bit. This area is home to Limoncello, and you would not believe how big the fruits are. Some are as big as melons. 

There is a large church in the middle of the town, whose bell tower you can see from all around. We didn't go inside, as it was about 7 Euros to enter.

I found this fountain fairly amusing. 

We decided to head up into the town a bit for a pick-me-up--some coffee with cream (which apparently meant whipped cream!) and a mozzarella/tomato/basil sandwich. 

Looking down over the square from the church

The beaches are full of swimmers and sunbathers, and we headed out on the pier to get some views of the coastline. Stunning. 

Because you only live once (and we hadn't really planned ahead), we decided to take a dip in the ocean--in our underwear. The water was so clear, and so refreshing, and we spent some time sunning on the rocks to dry out. 

From Amalfi, you can take another SITA bus into some of the other coastal towns. We decided to head up to Revello, which was a stunning hilltop village. Things move much more slowly there, and the views were incredible. I stopped for gelato when we entered the village, but sorry, no pictures! 

One of the restaurants has a hillside organic garden, where they grow the produce used in their kitchen. 

While wandering, we stumbled upon Villa Cimbrone, which is a stunning property with gardens and scullture, set on the cliffside. We loved walkin around the grounds, admiring the plants and the views. 

After the gardens, we headed back to a restaurant we had passed earlier--Pizzeria Mimi, maybe? I need to consult Trip Advisor! The garden was beautiful, and the food delicious. 

A burrata and pesto bruschetta

Roasted veggie pizza and homemade ricotta dumpling pasta.  

We wandered back around into the city center, passing by this kitty friend who has the good life figured out! These bowls were set out for sale in front of a small boutique.

We took the bs back down into Amalfi, then got on the Sorrento-bound bus. It was packed, but we could at least still see the views. 

I got pretty carsick on the way back, actually even worse than I felt in Hana last year. Ugh. When we got to the stop for Positanos, I stood up, we looked at each other and just said, nope! We'll have to come back another time when we aren't feeling gross, hot, and awful.

After a wonderful shower at the Hilton, we decided to cool off in the lounge with drink and some wifi. Not the most exciting of evenings, but after the day we had, exactly what we needed!

Gelato Flavor Inventory
 - dark chocolate x2
 - pistachio
 - ricotta and pear
 - caffe (coffee)
 - tiramisu 



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