FriDIY: Office Gallery Wall

(posted by Emily)

Most DIY projects I do are fun, but few have given me quite the satisfaction of this quick room redo we worked on this week! 

Most recently, the walls in our office looked like this:

The photo on the left is one of our favorites from our engagement shoot, and the art on the right is a collage I put together with paint chips and spray adhesive. I based the color scheme on this image from Design Seeds and we have been using it as the motivation for the office color and accent scheme. 

We've always been a fan of the gallery wall, and had a lot of fun finding the artwork we've included in our grouping in the living room. 

I was feeling the need to liven things up in the office, and after some surfing on Pinterest, a corner gallery wall seem like a fun way to go. First, we pulled all of the existing art off of the walls. 

Then, I started gathering frames. We used to have this glass noticeboard from IKEA hanging in our office when we lived in Redondo Beach, but never got around to hanging it up at the new house. We've been better about making our family to do list these days, and I wanted to have a place to put it up. So, one "frame" down, in addition to the other artwork we planned to keep. 

I have a number of pieces of art stored in the garage, that we haven't hung in this house, but I didn't want to get rid of. Luckily, I remembered these bad boys from my very first apartment after graduating college: 

The purple and mint frames fit in perfectly with our spiced tones color story! I also grabbed a simple photo my Uncle Dave took in France many years ago, that has a black frame and orange flowers in the image. This meant I only had to purchase one new frame, in a cream color, because everything else was recycled! Great news for the wallet, too! 

I started by laying everything out on the floor, to find the arrangement I liked best. 

(tail won't be included in final hanging of artwork)
someone insisted on helping
On Monday night, we started hanging. No real scientific measuring needed, just enough space for everything to fit. Here's the halfway point:

And the final product: 

Because you see this corner of the room right away when you walk in to the office, it makes a huge difference to have this new arrangement. It makes things feel very cozy, too! 

I don't think we'll keep the exact images we have in the frames now, but they work for the moment. I'd love to find travel themed prints or things from our trips that fit in, since we have our world map pin board in the office, too! Rick would also love to see some more height with the grouping, so I'm sure we'll be adding to it as we go! For now, I am really happy with it! Who knew recycling some art would make such a difference?! 

Total cost for this project: about $12 for the cream frame, since we had everything else at home already!

A quick update makes all the difference!


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