Portland Weekend: Sunday

(posted by Emily) 

Sunday 28 September

On Sunday, our main priority was getting some veggie ramen for lunch and some more tempeh ribs--I know, I know, silly priorities, but fun ones! Luckily, I convinced Rick to hit another Portland landmark before heading over to Mississippi Ave....

The last time we were at Voodoo Doughnuts, in the summer of 2012, I didn't get to go inside the shop since I was finding the nearest Chase bank. Rick is a good sport, and agreed to get in the line for some "pre-lunch."

We didn't have to wait for too long, maybe 15 minutes. This fellow was emceeing the line, giving everyone the lay of the land, taking photos, and directing newcomers to the line. 

Inside, it was fun to see all of the decor and the list of crazy doughnuts. On the ceiling is the giant foam doughnut, which I had heard about on one of my favorite podcasts, The Story

We picked up two doughnuts, chocolate varieties I can't really remember the names of! These were the epitome of "unhealthy vegan" to me--made from ingredients that don't have animal products, but aren't necessarily good for you. Doesn't mean I didn't enjoy my treat, however!

We grabbed the bus back up to Mississippi Ave, and the food carts at Mississippi Marketplace. Rick had spotted some veggie ramen at Minizo, and he can never pass up an opportunity for ramen he can eat! It was delicious :)

Of course we got some more Homegrown Smoker--Rick ordered one of the chicken sandwiches and I got a half rack of ribs. 

inside a "rib"

After lunch, we hopped back on the bus to head back to the hotel and check out. Along the way, we picked up this couple, who were on their way to VegFest. She was wearing some great vegan pride attire, too :) Maybe this will be us in 50 years.....

After getting everything squared away at the hotel, we headed off to another brewery. I wanted to try some sour beers, and Cascade Brewing Barrell House is a brewery specializing in sour ales.  

I ordered a few tasters, so I could try a variety of different things. Blueberry, Honey Ginger Lime, Apricot, and Blackstrap Raspberry were the flavors I chose--Apricot was by far the best, and Rick agreed

We also ordered a side of warm bread, with olive oil, balsamic, and roasted garlic. A great snack, and of course my bread and olive oil hubby couldn't resist!

The last stop on our trip was Sweet Hereafter--we weren't sure we would make it all the way there, but the bus we needed pulled right up when we weren't expecting it, so off we went! We got two more beers, and some pretzels. Not quite as good as the pretzels at Sage, though!

candid shot of the decor (and the hubs)
Before we knew it, we were back on the plane heading home. It was a fun weekend, exploring a new city! Our biggest takeaway? We couldn't wait to get home and eat some healthy vegan food :) Thanks for showing us such a good time, Portland!

Off to the next adventure!


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