Sleepless in Seattle (Chihuly edition)

(posted by Emily) 

Sunday 12 October

First on our list Sunday morning was Chihuly Garden and Glass. Ever since we stumbled upon a gallery selling his pieces at the Aria in Las Vegas, we have had an appreciation for all of the beautiful art he makes. 

The museum is a retrospective, celebrating Chihuly's work and his connection to the Pacific Northwest. Here are some images of the installations--beautiful!

the mirrors behind this piece make it look like it goes on forever
Chihuly was inspired by Native American basket weaving--I loved the juxtaposition of his pieces next to the original baskets
blankets in the Pacific Northwest room
tower inspired by the sea

this was one of my favorite installations--"Mille Fiori" or a thousand flowers

this installation was inspired by a project when Chihuly threw a bunch of glass into a river and boy fishermen began collecting everything in their boats

concept drawings for Chandeliers Over Venice
inside the glass conservatory
I loved how thoughtful all of the plantings were, to coordinate with the glass


chandelier installation
One of the most interesting parts of the museum is the theater room which shows videos of various Chihuly projects and installations. I particularly loved seeing his work in Venice, and how all of the glasswork is created. Anyone visiting Seattle should definitely visit! And don't forget to book your tickets online--it's $2 cheaper than using the kiosk outside. I booked ours while we were waiting for the museum to open! 



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