Barclays in Bali: Arriving in Ubud

Saturday 21 November 2015
Taipei, Taiwan and Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 

Our first flight from LA arrived in Taiwan around 6am. Our connection to Bali was delayed, but we were able to hang out in a lounge and eat some breakfast before our next flight. 

After arriving in Denpasar on Saturday evening, our first stop was our Airbnb, the Amrit B&B in the town of Mas, about 10 minutes from downtown Ubud the property is beautiful, home to a wood carving workshop and bed and breakfast with 4 rooms. Our host Wayan is friendly and accommodating, and we enjoyed talking with him about his life in Bali. 

Looking out from the building where our room is. 

The gardens in the compound are beautiful!

Our Balinese home:

The breakfast area:

Inside our building:

The family/community temple is just outside our window 

Our balcony overlooks rice paddies 

We decided to go into town for dinner, and walk around a bit to get the lay of the land. We at at Tutmak, a cafe I had read about online, which serves vegetarian dishes like nasi campur and gado gado. 

Nasi campur, which is like a veggie combo plate with rice. 

Gado gado is steamed veggies with peanut sauce. 

After dinner, we decided to stop for drinks at a cafe with a live acoustic guitar player--one of our favorite things to do in the evenings. 

Then, it was off to bed! We had morning plans with Wayan to see some of the local sights. More to come!


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