Barclays in Bali: Ubud on foot

23 November 2015
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 

On Monday morning, we were up early. We relaxed at bit at our home stay, reading and researching what we wanted to do that day. Rick found an easy hike with great views called the Campuhan Ridge Walk, so we headed there before it got too hot. 

The hike passes through the rice fields in Ubud, on a ridge between two valleys. Along the way, we met a young woman from Spain, Irene. We ended up doing the whole hike with her, hearing about where she has been on her travels and talking about the places we've been and are going. We managed to finish the whole hike, which makes a loop, and totals 10km. 

Rice fields along the way. Seeing the irrigation systems up close was fascinating. 

Walking through local villages, with lots of art on display. 

Our new friend, Irene. 

We decided to go to a nearby restaurant, Sari Organik, for lunch and Irene picked up her motorbike and joined us. The restaurant is in a village in the middle of rice paddies, and the views are stunning. We enjoyed great food and great company! 

Walking to the restaurant, through the rice fields. 

Great views 

After lunch, it was definitely siesta time! We showered and relaxed at the Airbnb for a few hours before heading in to Ubud to take a yoga class at the Yoga Barn. Their property is stunning, with lots of space for classes, workshops and retreats, yoga teacher training, and a cafe. We had chocolate smoothies before our class at 5pm. 

The class we took was Yin yoga, which focuses on deep tissue stretching. We both really enjoyed it, and Rick had an easier time with some of the poses than I did! We decide  to get Balinese massages afterwards, and man oh man were we sore after all of it--good sore, of course! 

A quick snap of the studio

For dinner, we stopped at Soma Cafe, a great veggie spot in Ubud. I'm calling our dinner a study in toasts, as we had 3 different open faced sandwiches--all excellent! 

A sea mineral salad

Marinated tempeh sandwich 

Matahari eggs--fried eggs with feta, avocado, and a hot sauce

Grilled cheese

Then, it was back home for some rest, though we did have to wait a bit for our driver to find us. One of the few downsides of staying in a more remote area!

Another great day!


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