Barclays in Bali: Busy Sunday

22 November 2015
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 

Sunday morning began with a delicious curry for breakfast, prepared by Wayan's mother. Rick had asked if we could see some gamelan music and we headed off to a traditional Balinese dance show. 

Our cheesy tourist photo, that they printed on some sort of a plate and tried to get us to buy. 

The outdoor stage 

The gamelan ensemble 

Each village here has a specialty product that they produce. In Mas, where we are staying, wood carving is the handicraft of choice. In fact, the workshop where Wayan and his father work was started by his grandfather. After the dance show, we stopped to look at a Batik workshop, where we purchased some fabrics and scarves (I have some pillow covers to make!). 

Then, it was off to a famous temple in the area where we were able to try some gamelan ourselves!

We also went on a tour to a local coffee and chocolate farm. Agro tourism is big here, and luwak coffee is the most expensive in the world. I'll let you google that one for yourself! :) We tasted a variety of teas and coffees, and then headed off into downtown Ubud. 

Rick tasting the luwak coffee

An owl friend on the way out of the farm! 

The monkey forest is famous here--sort of like an open air zoo, where people can interact with and feed the monkeys. We had a great time making new friends :)

Lots of mamas with breastfeeding babies 

Huge ficus trees in the forest--I spy Rick! 

After the monkey forest, it was time for a quick snack before dinner. We stopped at Watercress, where we had a pumpkin salad and a tempeh burger. 

Of course one of our favorite things to do in SE Asia is get a massage. There is a spa right next to Watercress, so we popped in for a quick back rub. 

We headed back to our Airbnb to take showers and Rick asked Wayan if we could see more gamelan music. The local temple in Mas was having a celebration on Sunday evening, so we decided to go. Wayan helped us get dressed in traditional Balinese clothing, and we walked to the temple. 

Inside, we sat and watched the prayers and music for a few hours. We got many double takes, since our clothes looked right.....but we are much whiter than normal! Rick really enjoyed watching the music and we were both so grateful for the chance to experience traditional culture. 

For dinner, Wayan took us to a local restaurant in Mas that serves organic food. We enjoyed cocktails made with brum, the local rice wine and traditional veggie dishes. The restaurant was quiet and beautiful and a nice end to the evening. 

A jam packed but awesome first day!


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