Lessons from the week

(posted by Emily)

To begin--sorry to skimp out on this week's FriDIY. My only project this week was sewing new buttons on the closure of a pair of Rick's shorts, and it didn't really seem to warrant a whole post. I have a project waiting to be finished, just haven't had the time to get to it yet! Guess you'll have to come back next week :) 

There are a few great things I have learned this week and wanted to share with you. Some we've used already, and some I can't wait to try!

1) Use an incognito window on your internet browser when searching for flights. 

It's no big secret that airline websites track your search history when you are browsing for flights. Rick and I have known about this for a while, but tested it out on our own this week after I read a tip about using an incognito window in your browser when looking for travel arrangements. We were looking at flights to Seattle in October--I browsed on my computer in the morning, and then Rick spent some time checking it out in the evening. By the time he came back to the Southwest website, the "price had gone up" on him. Well, I opened an incognito window in Chrome and ran the exact same search--prices were back to their original levels. The difference might not be huge, but it can make a difference!  Here's how to make an incognito window in any browser you may be using.  

2) Shock your kale back to life! 

Thanks to Tara for this post on facebook! We often have wilty kale, and I never knew I could do anything about it! Just soak for 10 minutes in an ice water bath to bring the greens back to life! 

3) King oyster mushrooms make great "scallops."

I've been catching up on Top Chef Duels (because I can't say no to a good cooking show) and twice so far this season, king oyster mushrooms have been remade as scallops. There is even an episode with a vegan challenge! Scallops were probably my favorite seafood, and I decided this is a dish I need to try. Thank goodness there are great recipes out there for me to experiment with! 

4) When it is hot, don't try to make soda. 

I put together some watermelon soda on Sunday afternoon. On Monday, it exploded all over the house. Lesson learned--don't try to ferment when it's 90 degrees outside, and don't forget to burp your bottles! 

A bit of an eclectic post, but hey--it's Friday! :) Can't wait for the weekend!


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