FriDIY: Fence Post Planter Update

(posted by Emily)

In an attempt to share small updates to our home and our lives, I am going to try to share one DIY project every Friday. It will also keep me crafting, building, planting, and organizing, which is always good for my sanity! :) 

Many of you saw our original fence post planter post back in March. I detailed how we got the planter hung on the side of the house and how we planned to get some dangling plants in there soon. 

Well, the plants we put in have come and gone. Things were looking good in April, but watering the planter can be a bit challenging, and I was not in the habit of getting outside to water as regularly as we needed to. After our time away this summer, we definitely knew we wanted to rethink what was planted in there. 

For my birthday this year, my mom wanted to get me something practical and long lasting. We have talked about the fence post planter on a number of occasions, and she decided she wanted to help me purchase some succulents to plant in it. I have always loved succulents, and most of my plantings with them are totally self sufficient. You can forget to water them, ignore them, and they'll still look great! So, it was off to Armstrong and Home Depot to get the project started!

I selected a number of different plants, with a variety of colors and textures
I started by soaking the soil in the planter, since it hadn't gotten a good watering in a few months. I watered each section about every 5 minutes for maybe half an hour? That way the water was able to soak in
Many of the succulents were also very dried out when I purchased them. I decided to soak them as well, since they would likely be going into pretty dry soil. They will dry out between waterings, so it should be a little while before I'll need to water. They sat in water for about an hour. 
Phase 1, bottom row

top row complete!
close up of some of my favorite groupings

Here's hoping the succulents are a low maintenance way to keep that planter beautiful! :) I know Rick will be glad they are easier for me to keep alive!

Thanks, mom!


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