Cabo Weekend: Snorkel y el sol

(posted by Emily)

29 August 2014

On Friday morning, we were up early for our snorkeling and kayaking excursion. We booked the trip through the Hyatt, and they have a relationship with a local company called High Tide. We stopped in one of the buffet restaurants for a quick breakfast, and then High Tide picked us up in their van. 

The trip took us into Cabo San Lucas proper, and it was fun to see the town and surrounding areas on our drive over. We even spotted a Home Depot, Office Depot, and Office Max. Life is not that different in Mexico! 

We started our trip from a small beach in the marina. Ocean kayaks were up first, and our snorkel gear was on board for later use. We landed the kayaks on Lover's Beach, and had a blast checking out all of the beautiful fish! A new underwater camera was my birthday gift to myself--thanks, Dad!

these little guys were encircling us in a huge ring for a while. so cool. 

view from the middle of the ocean

After snorkeling, we got back in our kayaks to head down to the arch. The arch is probably the most famous natural landmark in Cabo, and we got some great pictures in front of it and of the sea lions that naturally congregate there. 

After a quick dip in the ocean while all of the equipment got loaded on top of the van, it was back to the Hyatt. We stopped in El Mexicano, one of the buffet restaurants, and were pleased to find a number of lunch options, including salad, sushi, pesto pasta (Rick's favorite--and without cheese!), and chips and guac. 

We spent the afternoon reading and relaxing under the shade of a coconut tree. There were cabanas available for rent through the hotel, but we opted for one of the free lounge beds right on the beach. One thing we both love about vacation is the time to read--usually fiction, but anything is good. It's hard to find time for that small pleasure in our daily schedules, so we take advantage of it as much as we can when the opportunity arises! 

view from our lounge bed

view of the pool
One of the coolest things about our Diamond status with Hyatt is our ability to access the Premium Lounge at their properties. We had special wristbands denoting our status, and so we spent cocktail hour relaxing (and reading some more) in the lounge and on the balcony.

premium = premium booze, too!

view from the lounge balcony

Hyatt even offers professional photography services on site--this family was doing a group shoot
didn't wear my wedding rings to snorkel - got wedding band sunburn!
had a chance to FaceTime with Dad while we were hangin in the lounge
Dinner reservations were at Lotus on Friday night and we were seated at a table in the tatami section. It wasn't a real tatami floor---the seats were sunken under the table, with room for your legs :) 

We ordered green salads, miso soup, sushi rolls (futomaki and avocado), fried rice, and veggie yakisoba. The food was delicious, and it was so easy to find options on the established menu! Lotus was definitely one of our favorite restaurants, and we knew we would be back!

After dinner, we decided to head down to the beach and enjoy one of the loungers near the fire pits. The hotel property is beautiful in the evening!

When we got back to our room, we grabbed a quick shower and decided to order room service--if it's free, why not?! That was my mentality! There weren't a whole lot of options, but we got some pasta, chips and guac, and fries. My inner carb monster was loving it :)

All is all, an awesome day! A great balance of fun and relaxation :)

--E y R


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