Cabo Weekend: Nuestro último día en el paraíso

(posted by Emily) 

31 August 2014

On our last morning in Cabo, we grabbed some breakfast and then headed out to the beach for a walk. Even if we couldn't swim in the water, we still wanted to touch the ocean. The bright blue of the water and curve of the shoreline reminded us of Nice--minus all the rocks :) 

We stopped by the adults only pool on our way back, and decided laying out in the shade sounded like a great plan for the morning. Rick stopped for a quick pic in one of the shallow relaxation areas, then we popped upstairs to put on our suits. 

After some quality reading time, a bit of swimming, and some lunch, it was time to pack up and get ready for our return shuttle. The only downfall of having the hotel book the transportation was that we were scheduled to arrive at the airport waaaayyyyy too early. Bummer. 

our little lovebirds
Enjoying the lobby one last time as we checked out
The new Terminal 2 has great amenities--lots of restaurants and shopping, and comfy bench seats for catching a nap on. I let you decide which of those I opted for :) It seems as though the terminal only handles US departures, most to cities in California, AZ, or TX. 

our favorite cigars for sale at duty free
In all, we had an amazing trip. Great food, fun adventures, and good drinks--it felt long and relaxing, and we were definitely both bummed to leave!

If you are planning a trip to Mexico in the near future, we would highly recommend an all-inclusive property--especially the Hyatt Ziva! It was such an easy flight, I know we will be back! 

--E y R


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