Our Travel List

(posted by Emily) 

Once upon a time, Rick and I met in Boston for a weekend of sightseeing and fun. It was actually Labor Day weekend, in 2010. 

Our relationship was very new, and not even really official at this point. I was working as a Leadership Consultant for Kappa, and we were testing out this long distance relationship business. One thing we knew for certain--we loved to travel together, and it was something we wanted to continue doing. One evening that weekend, we grabbed our bottle of wine and headed up to the roof of the apartment building we were staying in. While enjoying the views of the city, we created a list of all the places we wanted to travel to, together. 

On Sunday night, I persuaded Rick to dig up the list. I don't think we've really looked at it since making it, but it is fun and fascinating to see how many places we can check off, or will be able to check off in the next year :) 

Travel List 
1) Sedona, AZ - check! We've been (on average) once a year since 2010.

  • Grand Canyon - check! Spring Break trip in 2012

2) Ecuador - no plans made yet! Hopefully we will get to South America soon!

3) Tour of Europe
  • Italy - check! EuroAdventure 2014

  • Turkey - Summer 2015! (yes, we have the tickets booked!)
  • Greece - Summer 2015!
  • Morocco - no plans made yet
  • Spain - no plans made yet
  • France - check! Summer 2012 and EuroAdventure 2014

  • Germany - no plans made yet
  • Switzerland - no plans made yet
  • Belgium - check! EuroAdventure 2014

  • Austria - no plans made yet
  • Czech Republic - no plans made yet
4) Hawaii - check! Spring Break 2014 in Maui
  • Surfing (we did that!)

5) Train through Canada - no plans yet. We would love to take a train across the country!

6) Oceania - no concrete plans yet, but we are tossing around some ideas......
  • New Zealand/Australia
7) Japan - soon! We have a stop in Tokyo for 23 hours on our way to Thailand in December.

8) Northern California - half a check!
  • San Fran (January 2011) /Yosemite (still need to go!)

9) New York City - check! We went for my birthday in 2012.

I love seeing how much of this list we have accomplished, even without consciously trying :) I am grateful for a husband who shares my sense of adventure and is so good at planning great trips! It is amazing to see how much we have seen together in a little over 4 years!



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