EuroAdventure15: Off to Naples

(posted by Emily)

7 July 2015
Athens, Greece
Rome, Italy
Naples, Italy

On Tuesday we were up early yet again to head to the airport. Because of the continuing "situation," metro services were still free! That was definitley one nice perk of being in Athens while we were there--we probably saved 30 Euro! Though I think they could have used our money.....

Even the Metro trains have street art on them. The first three cars are usually totally covered with colorful tagging and art.

At the Athens airport, we had just enough time to pop in to the GlobalAir lounge--a perk of Rick's credit card again. We grabbed a quick breakfast, then it was on to our flight.

This was our first time traveling on RyanAir. Just like EasyJet, it's a lost cost carrier that charges for just about everything--checked bags, extra cabin bags, food, etc. They are very minimalist (no seatback pockets), and just about everything is an advertisement. There are ads over the PA system, in-flight duty free shopping, and a full menu of food and drinks for purchase.

In order to get to Naples, we planned a connection through Rome. It was a day of planes, trains, and automobiles! Once we landed in Rome, we had to get on a charter bus to head in to the city. Luckily, we knew what to expect after going through this process last summer. The buses aren't ell marked, and there are crowds of people just hanging out, waiting. It was a hot one, too! We didn't have to wait too long, and before we knew it, we were in Rome.

The bus dropped us off at Termini station, where we checked our bags with the left luggage services in the basement. Sure, It was probably a bit more expensive than we would have liked, but man oh man it would have been awful to carry our backpacks through the city. I think it was totally worth it.

Rome is humid and sticky, and for once Rick was totally on board for getting on a bus to get to our destination--in his words, it was too hot to walk. We had about 4 hours until our train to Naples, so we decided to get lunch (and gelato) at one of our favorite spots. So, it was on to the number 64 bus to Gino e Pietro.

We stumbled upon this little trattoria last summer while in Rome--Rick loves their pesto pasta, and we were thrilled to have some time to stop by for a meal. We ordered bruschetta, white wine, water, and pasta--pesto for Rick and cachio e pepe for me (thanks for the recommendation, Anthony Bourdain). 

That is one happy camper right there

Right across the street from Gino e Pietro is a little vegan cafe, CamBio Vita. They have great gelato, so we each got a cone. Delicious! 

We walked a bit more, over toward Campo de Fiori, to check out a boutique I like and see what was on at the market. Rick got some sun-dried tomatoes to snack on, and we filled our water bottle from the taps there.

We had plenty of time, but wanted to make sure we got our bags from the deposit and had a few minutes to relax, so we got back on the bus to Termini. After getting our bags from the left luggage deposit, we grabbed a sit break in the basement of the station before heading up to our train.

The train to Naples was about an hour and 15 minutes. I got some blogging done and we enjoyed watching the scenery pass by. When we arrived in Naples, we hopped on the Metro to head to our Airbnb for this part of the trip. 

Beautiful architecture and tiling in the Naples metro

Federica is our gracious host here in Naples--her flat has a small, seperate apartment where we are staying. She is providing breakfast for us as well!

This is the little door to get in the building when the doorman isn't there 

The flat is located just off one of the main arteries in Naples, Via Toledo. There are tons of shops and piazzas, and we decided to wander and shop a bit (and yes, we found the Zara). 

For dinner, we decided to stop at one of the restaurants Federica recommended, Sorbillo. Naples is the birthplace of pizza, and this is supposed to be one of the best spots around! The restaurant is set right on the ocean, and we had stunning views as the sun set.

Naples is also home to traditional fried foods, like arancini. This one was amazing. 

Sorbillo is always packed!

After dinner, we walked along the water, then it was back to our flat! A great first night in Naples!

Letting ourselves in

Gelato Flavor Inventory:
 - dark chocolate
 - pistachio



  1. Love pistachio gelato. Make sure to have some for me! :)


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