Backyard Tour

(posted by Emily)

We had the opportunity to get outside on Sunday and work a bit in the backward, cleaning up leaves and sweeping dirt (and dog poop). I also had a chance to get some good photos of the backyard with my regular camera. We've been waiting to share the full scope of our space until it looked good, and we're finally happy! Here's a backyard tour for those of you who haven't seen it yet on Facebook :) 

just outside the patio door, back to the garage. that window is our bedroom. the walking irises bloomed for you all, too!

loving our fence post planter, all filled up!

facing the rear, back to the garage--orange tree, and hammock. our raised beds are through the pergola. 

our raised beds

flowering ground cover--all bees are welcome!

back of the house, with new plants. left window is office, right is bedroom

patio furniture

solar globe lights were a wedding gift!

door to the garage and Rigby's house that we built

loving all the color right now

our kale is huge!

And just for kicks--here's our orchid with two new blooms and another on the way! 

Hope you had a great weekend! 


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