Falafel Bowls

(posted by Emily) 

At our house, Saturdays and Sundays consist of meal planning and cooking ahead. I usually plan fairly simple things to cook for dinner during the week, that will yield leftovers for lunches. Sometimes, even the best laid plans get set aside because we decide to go out to eat or I'm too tired (read: lazy) to stick with my original recipe. Wednesday was one of those days (gluten free pasta and jarred sauce) and I avoided a new recipe I had been planning to try this week. Luckily, Thursday brought about a wave of productivity, and I decide to try my hand at these Baked Confetti Quinoa Falafel from Plantaful. I first found Plantaful on Instagram, and discovered that the blog's author, Madeline, often frequents the same farmers market we do! Small world :) 

via Plantaful
We love to eat falafel and my go-to recipe is (was?) from Peas and Thank You. PTY was a veggie food blog created by a mom feeding her family healthy options that went offline probably more than a year ago. It was one of the first food blogs I read regularly, and definitely helped with my transition to veganism. To say I am bitter about its discontinuation is an understatement. For a while, the site was still up with archived recipes, but when I went to find the falafel recipe to share with you all, I discovered it doesn't exist anymore. Hopefully I've made the falafel enough times to fumble my way through the process from memory. Seems like an email to the book publisher might be in order....but I digress :)

The falafel from Plantaful were simple and easy to put together. I did have to plan ahead a bit because I like to cook my own chickpeas from the bulk bin, instead of buying them in a can. I ended up doubling the recipe, so we could have some leftovers, too. I ended up with 18 falafel, which were about the size of two handfuls rolled together, snowball style. I don't have a potato masher, so mashing the ingredients into a dough-like mixture was left to my food processor, using a plastic blade. I think if things had been more doughy, my falafel balls wouldn't have fallen apart so much. However, the change from a wrap into a bowl was a simple way to deal with crumbly falafel! 

Instead of using cabbage leaves as lettuce wraps, I shredded a quarter of a head of cabbage and put it into a bowl. I topped with the falafel, the tomato/cucumber salsa, and the mayo tahini dressing. Absolutely delicious! I had a bowl for dinner, and Rick polished one off after rehearsal last night. 

We had plenty of leftovers, and while cleaning up, I packed up our lunches for today. We are lucky enough to have a bunch of great glass tupperware that were the perfect size for all of the components. That way, all of the elements can stay separate (and not get soggy) before it is time to eat!

Can't wait until it is time to eat! :) Have a great weekend!


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