Blank Wall Update

(posted by Emily)

There is one wall in our house that is still conspicuously blank. 

I mean, it's understandable. The fridge door opens on to that wall, and we run the risk of breaking the glass on any frame that might be in the way. Luckily, IKEA offers an inexpensive solution--the Nyjjta frame. It comes in multiple sizes, and instead of glass to protect your artwork, there is a piece of plexiglass. I stopped at IKEA after work and picked up two packs of the small postcard frames and one larger frame. Unfortunately, the large size only came in green or red, but it wasn't something a little spray paint couldn't fix!

I've had some of the art for the kitchen since we visited the Churchill War Rooms in the summer of 2012. We really liked these Victory Garden postcards, since they promote growing your own food and always eating your fruits and veggies :) 

The other print I have for the wall is this seasonal California fruits and veggies poster I got from Twig & Twine. Heather was the florist for our wedding and just opened a store front in Silver Lake. When she mentioned having these in stock, I knew I had to have one. 

Each month details the produce that is in season. 

While waiting for my spray paint to dry, I started hanging the postcards on the wall. I used small picture hanging nails, and a post it to very scientifically space the frames (don't tell my dad--he'd be mortified that I didn't measure!). 

I assembled the last frame and hung it in place (I think I want to add some burlap to the edges, instead of the white mat).

sorry about the glare!

Pretty good for an $18 project this afternoon! I spent $14 on the frames and $4 on the spray paint. Can't wait to consultant my poster before my next farmers market trip!


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