Throwin it back

(Posted by Emily)

In honor of everyone's favorite weekly social media trend, here are a few ThrowBack Thursday (#tbt) pictures of Team Barclay :) 

After fun (and wet) night at Fiddlesticks, with the Academy staff in 2010. Our first picture together!
First concert at the Hollywood Bowl - August 2010
Disneyland - December 2010
I was visiting Univ. of Cincinnati the same week as WGI in 2011. Ran in to Rick at a Whole Foods :)  
Hiking the Narrows at Zion National Park during Spring Break 2012
At the top of Angel's Landing at ZNP - SB 2012
Angel's Landing
At Chocolatree in July 2011
Surfing lessons - spring 2012
Surfing in Venice Beach 
Up on the board!
In front of the Olympic Stadium - London 2012 
Paris - July 2012
Watching basketball - London 2012
Hope you are having a great day! 


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