King Cake for Vegans!

(posted by Emily)

One of the lasting effects of participating in drum corps for so many years is the large number of friends I have all of the country. In the year I worked for Kappa, it was so much fun to have a chance to see so many of them--Katie in Boston, Will and Munday in Dallas, and Kyle in Baton Rouge. 

I visited LSU twice that year, and got to see Kyle on both occasions. In the fall, we watched an LSU football game together and in March, we got to see Butler beat Wisconsin in the Sweet Sixteen in New Orleans. It was awesome to see him, walk the lakes, and have a chance to catch up. 

As with all drum corps friends, social media makes the world much smaller and communication much easier. Two weeks ago, I posted about vegan King Cakes--it was the height of the anticipation leading up to Fat Tuesday and the end of Carnivale/Mardi Gras season. I had eaten King Cake once before, in my pre-vegan days, and was curious if alternatives were available for the dairy-free crowd. Some friends shared information about a bakery in NOLA that will ship a vegan King Cake, but $62 is a bit out of my price range. 

Kyle saw my post, and he and his girlfriend Lindsay decided to treat us to a vegan King Cake from Whole Foods. They had kept an eye out while shopping after seeing my post, and on Friday it showed up on our doorstep!

yes, it is vegan!
complete with baby :) 
The cake came with the traditional plastic baby (separate, so I could put it in winning slice) and the history of the King Cake on the box. 

The cake has purple, yellow, and green sprinkles, as expected. It tastes like a cinnamon roll, with extra icing and sugar. True Confessions: I was too full after dinner on Friday to try the cake, so I had a slice for breakfast on Saturday. It was a great accompaniment to my cup of coffee! 

Because we are just two people and this is one large cake, I sliced it up right after opening and stored the slices in a tupperware in the freezer. They thaw quickly, in about 10 minutes, which makes for a quick and easy dessert! Rick had his first piece last night (he's new to this King Cake idea) and really enjoyed it! 

Hope you had a great weekend!


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