Spring has Sprung

(posted by Emily)

Spring is here! After all of the rain the LA area received this weekend, it finally feels like spring. Our orange tree is blooming like crazy, thanks to a year with regular maintenance (good job, Hubs!). Every time I walk into the backyard, I can smell the blossoms. It truly is amazing. Maybe we can take a video tour sometime this week, so you can see everything that is flowering.

In our front yard, the first of our irises popped up after the rain. We have a long bed filled with bulbs and perennial bushes, that is just starting to get back on its feet after the winter.

Inside, we have two orchid plants in bloom at the same time! This yellow fella was a birthday gift from Rick in 2011--it bloomed again last year in February and only took a year to come around this time! We must have the right kind of light and watering figured out :)

This little lady is over a year old, and has been repotted. It's survived falling off of the bay window (thanks, Shadow), and seems to be on its way to multiple stems with multiple blooms. Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

On Sunday, we both had the itch to get out in the garden. Our front flower bed needed a few more little things to start filling it out, and there is a spot in the backyard that has been deemed too tricky for food, so some flowers seemed to be an easy solution. Most women like bouquets of flowers, but for me, this was the best sight to see:

Don't get me wrong--I love growing food. But, I have a special place in my heart for flowers. From a practical stand point, flowers mean bees--and we need more bees around for our food! The bees are always my best argument when asking to buy flowers for the garden :) 

This is the spot in the back that needed a little loving. After pulling the weeds and the few struggling lettuce plants (which were delicious in a salad in a jar on Monday), I hand tilled the soil to loosen things up. We have a metal corkscrew tiller that came with our compost bin, and it worked perfectly for this job. 

We added two Jerusalem sage plants that are drought tolerant, California natives. 

We also put in lavender and a star jasmine. All of these guys should do well with low water, so if we forget about them by accident, they'll be okay. I've wanted to put in a star jasmine for a whole--they smell so good, almost sticky sweet. I can usually smell them out in the spring, even from a moving vehicle. 

In our front bed, we wanted to add some color with a few new perennials. I love the colors we chose: 
no filter added on this one--it's so vibrant!

We snuck in another Jerusalem sage in front, too. This one has purple blooms. 

I can't wait for everything to start filling in, so we can share some better pictures! Now, we just need to fill in the back bed fully and we'll be ready to go!


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