Top Ten: Things that are green!

(posted by Emily)

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, here is a quick top ten list of my favorite green things! Green can of course mean literally green, but I'm also using it in an eco-friendly context, too :)

Top Ten: Things that are green

1) Our garden! It has been so nice to get things spruced up over the past few weekends. Loving the time spent outside.

2) Green juices. We are embarking on a juice/raw food cleanse for the next two weeks, so these will definitely be our friend!

3) Avocados. I even snuck one in my berry smoothie this morning to make it extra creamy.

4) Kale. We've said it before, I'll say it again. Lots of love for kale in this family!

5) The Prius. Although Rick uses the Prius as his car on a day to day basis, I am still grateful to have a hybrid in the family and grateful my husband lets me borrow it whenever I have a long drive.

6) My green milk crate for recycling at school. I recently found out that despite having two bins in each classroom, all of our paper waste ends up in the trash! I'm combatting that by separating my own paper/plastic recycling and bringing it home every two weeks or so to put in my recycle bin at home.

7) Our reusable grocery bags. Now more than ever (since the no plastic bags law in LA went into effect), I've been relying on our reusable bags for just about everything.

8) Seventh Generation dish soap. Love it!

9) My yellow-green orchid that now has three blooms!

10) The all-purpose orange vinegar cleaner I make at home! I soak orange peels in white vinegar for 2 weeks, strain, and mix with equal parts water. Works on everything! I use it for counters, tables, drips on the floor--everything!

Hope you had a great weekend!


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