Maui Day 1: Aloha!

(posted by Emily)

We made it! Aloha from the couch in our vacation rental in Kihei :) We've had a great first day/afternoon on the island and are looking forward to all of the adventures ahead. A quick recap of our afternoon:

Landed on Maui around 2pm--True Confessions: I was totally bummed to not get a lei when we got off the plane. Oh well. 

Rick has done a lot of research about eating on the island, and knew that stopping at Whole Foods and Costco in Kahului would be a cost effective way to stock up on snacks for the week. We picked up some fruit for smoothies, Maui Brewing Company beer, chips and salsa, and a bag of peanuts.

After our shopping, we headed to Kihei to check in to our vacation rental. We have a great little apartment, only 200 yards from the water. We took a quick trip to the beach, to check out the sights and feel the water. 

For dinner, we decided to head up to Paia, to check out The Fresh Mint, which has been voted best vegetarian restaurant on the island. It is definitely a favorite spot for the locals, with many patrons on a first name basis with the husband/wife team running the restaurant. They serve Vietnamese food, with very clean and fresh flavors. 

We started with summer rolls: 

I had a sweet and sour soup, with pineappple, cabbage, mushrooms, mung bean sprouts, and basil. 

Rick had spicy vegetable chow mein. 

After dinner we walked around downtown Paia, checking out the local boutiques, cafes, and culture. Lots of free spirits wandering around, so it was definitely our our kind of town :) We grabbed some gelato from Ono Gelato and stopped for a quick cup of coffee at Cafe Mambo. It was nice to relax and take some time to enjoy the atmosphere in the town. 

Maybe it's because we regularly drive 30+ minutes to go to dinner or visit friends, but driving around the island has been very easy, and quick. I had gotten the impression from reading about Maui that it would be inconvenient and time consuming, but everything has been simple so far! 

For now, I'm looking forward to getting some sleep! Tomorrow, we are heading up to upcountry and the Haleakala crater. Our most important goal? Get a fresh coconut for Rick :) 

Have a great night! --E&R


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