Best of Our Trip: Maui

(posted by Emily)

After a few days home to decompress, I decided it was time to do an overview of our trip as a whole. Some of you may have noticed the updated tabs at the top of the blog, including a link to our trips. This page is going to serve as an index of our travel, with all of the posts related to a trip together in one spot. All of our Maui recaps and posts leading up to the trip can be found here! Any feedback you have about our organization is greatly appreciated (or if you know how to make a drop down menu on Blogger, let me know)! 

Without further ado, here is the best of our trip!

Best Dinner: The Flatbread Company

Best Snorkeling Experience: Turtle Town

Best Beach: The beach on the way home from Hana, where Rick went boogie boarding, which I'm pretty sure is Koki Beach Park.

Best New Cocktail: Mai Tai (I thought the ones at Old Lahaina Luau were the best versions)

Best Single Food Item: Coconut Glen's ice cream

Best Drive: The Road to Hana

Best Section/Area of the Island: Northern Maui (north shore, Paia, Haiku)

Biggest Complaint: A tie between slow tourist drivers and two lane highways where you can't pass :) (in the grand scheme of things, that's not too bad!)

Our trip to Maui was an awesome one--makes me really excited for all of the adventures we have planned this year, and excited to share them with you!


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