Maui Day 7: Aloha, Maui!

(posted by Emily)

Thursday was our last day on Maui, and we started with a lazy morning, watching tv and packing up our suitcases. We wanted to get some good pictures of the resort during the day, so we wandered the property one last time, appreciating the beauty of everything around us. We even got to catch the 9:30 penguin feeding--Rick was pretty excited :) 

some shots of the room

Rick had the forethought to pack some of our Whole Foods gift cards, so we decided to get lunch in Kahului which made sense because we'd be closer to the airport there, too. We wandered the store exploring the options, and decided on a hot food bar box and some vegetarian ramen. In the check out line, we could tell that the employees were a bit starstruck by the man in front of us--turns out it was John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods. I wonder what it feels like to buy groceries from yourself!

Our prepared food box included a vegetarian fried rice, vegan potato salad, curried creamed corn, wild mushroom and thyme mashed potatoes with gravy, and dolmas. There were tons of vegan options to choose from at the store, which was fun to see. 

Our vegetarian ramen was good, and we also grabbed a container of salsa to accompany our tortilla chips on the plane. 

I have been hoping to try one of the Calfia Farms iced coffees with almond milk for a while now, and we picked one up before heading to the airport. Truthfully, the salted part of the salted caramel flavor was just too much for me. A bummer for sure, since they also have a chocolate flavor that I bet is awesome. 

Though we were sad the vacation had to end, I know we were both ready to head home. The flight wasn't too bad--I finished The Cuckoo's Calling, and started Wild. Much more tolerable than the flight to Hawaii! 

It was an incredible week, filled with delicious food, great sights, and kind people. I can't wait to go back!


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