What Are We Packing: Maui

(posted by Emily)

This post is the first in a series I'm going to call WAWP--What Are We Packing. I'm hoping to detail for you what we plan to bring, why we're bringing it, and how we will fit it all! I'll break things down by category, and provide some visual aids as well :)

** To be clear from the start--I know that I am a habitual over-packer. If we have the space, you can bet I will fill it! I'll probably follow up this post with a "what did we actually wear" post once we get back :) **

Beach Time
2 bathing suits per person 
1 bathing suit cover up
2 wet suits - we have them, so might as well bring them! Our snorkel cruise provides gear, but there may be days we go out on our own.
2 beach towels
Emily's snorkeling gear - easier to pack than to pay to rent!
Water shoes/aqua socks - in case things get rocky
Books - some actual books as well as a fully loaded Kindle
Waterproof digital camera - I've had one for a number of years (thanks, Dad!) so I dug it out of storage in anticipation of our watery adventures

Digital camera - we have a higher quality camera for our dry adventures
Bluetooth keyboard
Various chargers
Tape deck adapter for rental car (the kind where you plug in your iPod/iPhone

Contact solution
Downy Wrinkle Release spray
Assorted jewelry

Clothes - Rick
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of dressier pants
1 pair of sweat pants
3 button down dress shirts
1 rain jacket
2 sweaters
4 pairs of shorts
plain white tshirts
5 colored tshirts/tanks
hiking shoes/socks
flip flops
brown belt

Clothes - Emily
9 dresses (some nicer than others)
3 cardigans
1 vintage Hawaiian shirt (used to be my mom's!)
3 v neck tees
4 tank tops
1 pair capri leggings
2 pairs athletic shorts
2 pairs nicer khaki shorts
1 long sleeve shirt
1 track jacket
1 pair sweatpants
1 sweatshirt
sports and regular bras
gym shoes
brown belt

small drawstring backpack
Phase 10
cross body purse

Here are a few pictures of our suitcases, packed and ready to go. I even busted out my old luggage weighing hook from the LC days to make sure we weren't over 50 lbs in either case. Right now, we're weighing in at 38 and 46 lbs, with about half of a suitcase of extra space to fill with souvenirs :) 

Can't wait to share our adventures with you this week! 


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