Backyard Update

(posted by Emily)

We've slowly been adjusting to life at home, which had meant lots of sleep and relaxing. Thank goodness we planned a few buffer days after the trip! 

The laundry is done, and we've had time to do some updates in the backyard, too. We planted some pepper plants (jalepeño), cucumber, and a new kale plants, to spread out our crop. We caged all 9 of our tomato plants, too!

On Saturday, we hung a new strand of bulb lights. Loving our outdoor seating area at night! 

Sunday, Rick suggested we pick up some flowers for a small side bed near our back door out of the kitchen. Didn't have to ask me twice! We tried to grow raspberries there last year to no avail. This year, we added in a camellia bush, azaleas, honeysuckle, clivia, and some celosia. 

the haul

One last update for you--our rose bush is loving life! Things are doing well in the fence post planter, too :) 

Hope you had a great weekend!


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