Restaurant Review: Real Food Daily @ LAX

(posted by Emily)

Airport food leaves a lot to be desired on the vegan front. All too often, we are stuck with granola bars or French fries. Well, on our way to Maui out of Terminal 4 this morning, we found the exception to the rule in ine of LAX's newest restaurants--Real Food Daily. 

RFD is a staple of LA vegan cuisine (and I somehow missed it on our Top Ten list the other day?!?!!). There are locations in Santa Monica, West(ish) Hollywood, and Pasedena, and they are the first fully vegan restaurant to open in an airport. 

We stopped for a quick breakfast before our flight. The menu items are limited and bit expensive, but once we started eating it was unbelievably worth it. We opted for a chocolate smoothie (how could I say no to a husband offering chocolate at 10am?!): 

And the RFD breakfast sammie. The sandwich had tempeh bacon, Swiss cheeze, avocado, tomato, a tofu eggless patty, and some mayo on an English muffin. As a former connoisseur of the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit sandwich at McDonalds, let me tell you--RFD's version is out of this world. As soon as we took our first bites, we were blown away by the flavors melding together. 

Our only regret? Only ordering one sandwich! If you get a chance to fly American out of or connecting through LAX, RFD is definitely worth a stop! 

Next time we see you, we'll be in MAUI! 

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