CheezeFest 2k14: Almond Feta

(posted by Emily)

On Tuesday night this week, it was time for one of my favorite events--a cooking collective with Jennie. After helping out at a demo of hers at the beginning of June, we began planning our next cooking get together. We've met up before, to make sauerkraut and pickled cabbage, and decided at this gathering we wanted to focus on vegan cheeses.

I have dabbled with the recipes out of Miyoko Schinner's Artisan Vegan Cheese before, but really wanted to try some new things. We picked out a few recipes, and I am hoping to chronicle what happens to all of the deliciousness before we head to Europe next week!

First up - Almond Feta!

Noelle was in charge of making vegan feta for the group, following this recipe. I was noodling around on the Maple Spice site and found her recipe for vegan sankopita using the feta, and I knew it would be a fun dinner to try. We have phyllo (filo?) dough leftover in our freezer, and the only thing I needed to pick up was spinach!

I baked the feta first, following the directions from the original recipe. Then, it was time to process the spinach, sauté the onion, and mix everything together.

I assembled the pie, and it baked for about 20 minutes at 400*. Rick was instantly impressed with the flavors, and we both are huge fans of this dish now. I definitely recommend it! Once the cheese was made, it was so easy to put together.

Can't wait to share all of the other fun things we made at CheezeFest 2k14!


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