CheezeFest 2k14: Pub Cheddar

(posted by Emily) 

Anyone who went to Butler or lives in the Indy area knows of the magic that is the Brew Pub's beer cheese. A delicious, thin, cheesy fondue-type dip, served with crusty bread, it's one of the few things I wish I could have when in the Hoosier state. 

At Jennie's last week, pub cheese was my must-do recipe. The cheese can be thickened into a spread, or melted with beer to make a dip. I thickened the cheese at home, and left it at spread stage. Rick and I added it to our Yukon Gold Hash this morning, and it was delicious! 

The cheese fermented for 48 hours before it was sharp enough for my taste.

In a saucepan, I heated and mixed some dark beer and agar to thicken the cheese. 

I added the cheddar base to the beer and mixed. 

Added fresh chives.

Let cool in a glass tupperware and smooth the top. 


Hope you're having a great Monday!


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