EuroAdventure Day 3: Dad arrives!

(posted by Emily) 

Saturday 28 June

First and foremost, let's start with a great big THANK YOU to Angela, Logan, Christine, and Edana for their help with a particularly stressful situation that greeted us when we work up this morning. Even from 5,000 miles away, you helped us feel loved, cared for, and supported. We owe you big time!

It was a great morning on the boat, as Dad arrived to London today! Malcolm, Dad's longtime English friend (the one who picked us up at the airport), brought him up here and had predicted that within probably a half hour of his arrival, Dad would want to take the boat out. only took about 15 minutes :) The two of them worked together to get the boat out of its berth and over to the lock system at the end of the marina. 

this is the lock as you leave Roydon Marina
The lock system and the canals here are over 200 years old. I have been through a lock before, on a boat trip into Lake Michigan, but these were definitely different. All of the technology is manually operated, using hand cranks and man muscle. While the men did the hard work, I admired the English wildflowers :)

You can see the differing water levels on the L and R
Looking down as I was walking across the lock

You have to wait for the water levels to change before the barriers will move. Malcolm taught Rick that the best way to tell they are ready is to lean on the arm, which will give way when the barrier can move freely.

Just as Dad was driving in to the lock, it started to pour. We hopped back in the boat, and decided to head back to our berth, without ever passing through the lock. Ironic, as the only time there was really bad rain today was when we were trying to take the boat out!

Dad was ready for the rain!
We headed out for another trip to Tesco and picked up more groceries and a few accessories for the boat. I also found this gem in the liquor section today and thought of all my teacher friends who could probably use a bottle :) 

We spent the afternoon watching the Brazil v. Chile match and decided to head up to the local Indian restaurant for dinner. It is located in a very old building, and we were initially nervous we would be the only people there. However, we found a good crowd inside and the food was outstanding. We each had the veggie biryani, which is a rice dish made with onion, potato, cucumber, and tomato, served with veggie curry. We ordered garlic naan and samosas on the side, and managed to eat all of the food, despite our initial plans to take some back to the boat with us. 

(Guys--this photo was taken at 10PM! So bright still! It's insane!)
Tomorrow will be another day in London! Excited to wander some more and probably do some shopping :) 

A special shout out to Sarah and Keegan, as they celebrate their wedding today! We wish you the best in your new life together and are raising a glass to you across the pond!

One last thing! We downloaded a pedometer app and are going to start tracking our steps! I'll add the daily step count below the date in each post. I know, I know--we thought of this a day too late! Oh well.

Step Count: Rick - 8464 Emily - 8020 (Rick started before me!)



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