Here we go!

(posted by Emily) 

After a few days of furious packing and errand running, the adventure has begun! We are currently waiting in Vegas for the Air Canada desk to open. 

It's like a ghost town in here. In order to book our flights to London using miles, we had to depart from LAS instead of LA. That meant a quick trip on Southwest this morning, picking up bags, and coming over to the international terminal to check in. I think we might be a little early....

Even though arriving over three hours early isn't ideal, the trip on Southwest was worth it because of our Companion Pass--basically, the ability to buy one flight and have a second person fly free! We just earned that status last week, and were able to rebook our flights and get some points back! Thanks, Southwest! 

Here's hoping the desk opens soon, and we can spend some time in the United club! Rick is catching some zzz and I've been catching up on FB and IG before our phones go on airplane mode for the long haul. I hope all of the Kappas have a blast in Houston! I'll miss you :) 

Our goal is to post something everyday, to share our adventures with you. Check back often and let us know what you want to hear about! 

See you later, USA! 


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