Countdown to EuroAdventure 2k14!

(posted by Emily)

As I sat down to think about what to blog today, I realized we are so. close. to our summer adventure in the UK and Europe! 

We've made our "To Do before June 25th" list, which includes lots of cleaning and loose ends around the house, and we've started organizing the things we want to be sure to have with us. A few quick tips as we plan ahead for the next big adventure: 

1) Make sure you have the exact address and phone number of where you are staying, both written down and stored electronically. When we came back from Paris to London in 2012, I didn't have the address of the apartment we were renting and listed the US Embassy as our residence. The customs guy was not too thrilled with that solution, but let us through after making sure I knew that couldn't happen in the future. I'm planning on making an index card with the address of the boat, to keep in my passport cover, in addition to having it in my contacts on my phone. 

2) Create an itinerary document with all of the information for your trip. We are including flight numbers and confirmation codes, departure/arrival times, train times and confirmation codes, hotel addresses/phone numbers, our AirBnB information and contact info for our host, and any events we are planning on attending while overseas. We'll keep a copy in the cloud on Google, but we'll print copies to have on hand, too.  

3) Before you start packing, create a list with all of the items you are planning to bring. I find it easier to take a few days to think about what we are going to bring, list it out, and then cross things out when they are put in the suitcase. This way, I am less likely to forget something and it allows me to think about what I need ahead of time. Don't worry--we'll plan to share that list with you before we go!

I'll leave you with a few pictures from my weekend in Indy, visiting the Fricke family! :) 

Lillian Jean

Have a great day!


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