EuroAdventure Day 4: Harrods and Oxford Circus

(posted by Emily)

Saturday 29 June
Daily Step Count: Rick - 11,880 Emily - didn't have her phone in the correct pocket

After a relaxing morning of reading (and iphone games), we headed up to the train station to go into London. Rick has never been to Harrods, so seeing the department store was a must. We've been meeting all sorts of awesome pups at the marina, and I'm hoping to do a photo round up for you soon :) Snuggles and kisses from Dobby the French Bulldog puppy en route to the train were just what we needed today!  

Hard at work on the train
We wandered all throughout the store--there are luxury goods, food halls, clothing, and fine art all for sale. Literally almost anything you could possibly want!  We saw an original painting by Chagall and an ink drawing by Dali. The most fun part of browsing the luxury goods was guessing the prices of each item! 

Sorry this is so blurry! The Egyptian Room

Looking up in the Food Halls

Avocados for £3.50 each aka $6.30!! That better be one amazing avocado!

Lots of food, pre-made stuff, too!

Inside the spirits room

So many different kinds of alcohol

The original Chagall
The Dali

Fleur watch :) 

One of the big attractions in the store is the Egyptian Escalator--the whole thing is ornately decorated, and at the bottom level is the Princess Diana and Dodi memorial. Dodi's father owns the store, and there were many tourists down there to take photos. 

Blurry again.....womp womp

After Harrods, we went up to Oxford Circus for dinner and a quick pint during the Mexico-Holland game. Sad to see Mexico lose! 

Dinner was at a place called Cha Cha Moon. They had Chinese food, and we tried some noodles, dumplings, soup, and a martini. The dumplings were the clear highlight of the meal--absolutely delicious and packed with flavor. The other dishes left a bit to be desired, flavor-wise. 

After dinner, we walked back up Carnaby Street and headed home. We are still amazed at how light it is so late at night here! 

Learning how to drive the boat tomorrow! That will be an adventure :) 



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