Graduation Weekend: Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

(posted by Emily) 

As any good Kappa knows, if there is a Jeni's within a 75 mile radius of your travel destination, you must go. My first trip to Jeni's was in 2010, when I went to Kappa HQ for my Leadership Consultant interview. After years of hearing my mom talk about the incredible ice creams Jeni makes, I was an instant fan. Once upon a time, I may or may not have walked 4 miles round trip from the Ohio State Kappa house to get myself some Jeni's.....It has been a long time since I've had a chance to eat at Jeni's, and Rick and I are lucky that she makes delicious and creative sorbets as well as dairy ice creams. 

On the top of our ATL priority list was a stop at Jeni's Westside Provisions. We headed over on Saturday, after a warm afternoon at the Botanical Garden--ice cream definitely hit the spot. 

It was fun to see the line out the door--I'm glad Jeni is having so much success with her new stores!

The only down fall of stores that are further from Jeni's home base in Columbus is that the flavor selection is a bit limited--the classic flavors are available, but some of the smaller batch seasonal flavors didn't make their way down to Atlanta. Not that I'm complaining--we were still able to order Riesling Poached Pear, which is one of my all-time favorites.  

Mom and I have made RPP at home, thanks to Jeni's ice cream cookbook! I am even more excited for her new book, which includes a dairy-free ice cream base!

It was fun to share Jeni's with Rick, my dad, and my Uncle Tom for the first time. Definitely worth a trip if you live in Atlanta and haven't been before!


  1. I've been to both locations in Nashville. So satisfying every time and the flavors are unique and delicious.I didn't realize they were all over the country!

    1. Jeni's started in Columbus, and is gradually expanding. I think Nashville was her first non-Ohio locale! They just opened a new shop in Charleston SC, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed she'll get to the west coast some day :)


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