EuroAdventure Day 5: Driving the boat

(posted by Emily) 

Monday 30 June 
Daily step count: somewhere around 9,000 (two faulty apps today)

Today, we went out on the canals and practiced driving, mooring, and working the boat! So much fun--Rick is clearly a natural! Also took care of general maintanence like emptying the toilet tank, filling the gas, and the water. 

pumping out the "blackwater" tank--aka the septic tank
this is the pump--you put in a token, and it sucks out all the bad stuff

Rick taking us up to the lock

Filling the lock

heading in to the second lock

Other highlights? Hanging with Dobby the French Bulldog, feeding baby ducks, and cigars after dinner :)

Tomorrow we're off sailing again! Can't wait to see how far we get!



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