EuroAdventure Day 25: Back to the boat

(posted by Emily)

Sunday 20 July
Daily Step Count: 13,041

After a great night's sleep at the Hilton London Gatwick (for the record--the largest Hilton both Rick and I have ever seen), I was so ready for breakfast. We were able to eat in the hotel's restaurant, at their buffet. 

We were both tickled to find so many options for us--fruit, salad bar, hash browns, vegetarian sausages, OJ, cranberry juice, tomato juice, and even soya milk for our coffee! I was one happy camper!!

We did a quick bit of research about how best to get into the city, and then hopped on the train. We rode into Statford, and had time to pick up a few groceries at M&S before our train to Roydon. 

When we got back to the boat, we sorted out all of our dirty laundry and got the loads started. Beds were made, things put away, and we put together a pitcher of Pimms. #priorities 

As we were cleaning out our bags, I realized that other than clothes/scarves and ornaments for our Christmas tree, all of our other souvenirs were foodstuffs :) That's to be expected, I suppose!

We enjoyed a lazy afternoon, watching movies and game shows on tv. If there is one thing I have come to appreciate about British television, it is the abundance of random game shows, on at all times of the day. Our favorite by far is Countdown, which includes number and word puzzles, but Tipping Point, The Cube, The Chase, and QI with Stephen Fry are also pretty amazing.  We had a good deal of rain in the evening, too, complete with thunder and lightning.  

It's nice to be "home" and we are looking forward to taking the boat out a few more times before we go back to LA!



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