EuroAdventure Day 7: Lunch and dinner

(posted by Emily) 

Wednesday 2 July
Daily Step Count: 9,306

We slept in late today, which was great after two early mornings in a row. We decided to try to venture out on the boat without our instructor Tim, and drove down to The Fish and Eels in Broxbourne. I manned the till (the steering) on the way there, and Rick drove back. The pub is one of the few we saw yesterday. It was a beautiful restaurant and the food was great! 

Moored up right next to the pub
view of the boat from our table

clearly, the bread and oil was delicious

Rick took us back to the marina. 

Dad working the lock 

We decided to head to Stratford for dinner at the Westfield mall. We had been here before, as it is right next to the Olympic Park! It was fun to see the familiar sites out the window. The only thing missing was all of the Games volunteers! 

Olympic Stadium in the distance

"It's ovah theh"
Dinner was pho for Rick and a falafel wrap for me....and a no cheese pizza to split. The joys of the food court! 

My favorite part of the mall was this sculpture--it used lights to look like falling water, and played water sounds, with no water whatsoever :) 

Can't wait to see Arcade Fire tomorrow! 


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