EuroAdventure Day 10: Man Overboard

(posted by Emily)

Saturday 5 July
Daily Step Count: 3,500

As you can probably tell from our step count, today was a slower day for us, thought not without excitement! We are a bit lacking in pictures, but you'll soon see why. 

Malcolm has been wanting some practice on the boat, and it was time to pump out the blackwater tank again. We headed over toward the pumps this morning, around 11am. Rick pulled the boat out of our mooring and into the marina, which was no small feat due to the wind. We drove over toward the pumps, and noticed another boat pulled up at the mooring there. Dad and Malcolm decided to practice some turning in the open water, and backing the boat back in to our spot. 

I was sitting out on the front of the boat, enjoying some tunes on the bluetooth speaker and typing up some blog posts when there was a loud bang and bump (not unusual, especially in the high winds). I'll let Rick describe what happened next:

Malcolm was attempting to back in the boat into our mooring spot when he saw that he was going to hit one of our dividing posts.  He started to quickly switch the direction of the boat but by doing that actually lost his center of gravity and when we hit the post, went flying into the water.  Luckily John turned off the boat immediately so Malcolm didnt get caught in the propeller.  To top if off, when Malcolm tried to stop his "flying off the boat" he grabbed the tiller and actually broke it.  That's how hard he fell off the boat.  

We all ran to the back of the boat to help. Luckily, Dad got the motor/propeller turned off right away, and I was able to describe to Malcolm where the small steps on the back of the boat were. We got him back on board, with his glasses still on. There was quite an audience gathered at this point, too--lots of our neighbors on top of their decks watching, and about 5 men back at our mooring spot ready to help us get in. Well, we still had to pump out....So, we got Malcolm a change of clothes and I set about to drying his phone and wallet out with a hair dryer while Rick drove us over to the pumps. One of our neighbors, Kingsley, was waiting for us with a new tiller, saying that a boater in need takes priority over everything else. It was very kind of him, and he stayed with us until everything was taken care of and we were ready to shove off again. 

Though I initially thought they were joking, Dad and Malcolm wanted to go up to the Fish and Eels for lunch (despite Kingsley's observation that none of the more experienced boaters were out today). So, with Rick at the tiller, we headed off. 

I spy....a kitty on the bridge!

Rick and Malcolm

We had another great lunch at the Fish and Eels, including a pitcher of Pimm's. It is so fun to see the boat moored just right outside, and the reactions of all the people in the restaurant when we pull up. 

We came back to Roydon, and the wind had died down considerably. No problems getting into our mooring this time and everyone stayed on the boat :) I can only hope Malcolm's Blackberry responds well to the hair dryer/rice in a bag, though if that is our only casualty of the day, we are very lucky!

We've been relaxing here, watching the men's doubles final at Wimbledon and the World Cup. Dinner was a low key affair, with a big salad we all shared, pizza for Dad and some chips for us. 

I'm sure you all have been noticing all of the Pimms we've been drinking over here (it's always Pimm's o'clock for us!). Pimm's No. 1 is a gin based alcohol, which is traditionally made in the summer cup style. There are other companies that make summer cups, and Pimm's even puts out additional varieties, based on the season--blackberry and elderflower in summer, a vodka blend, and a winter variety, too. We even found a "generic brand" Pimm's at Tesco!

These are a few of the types we've been trying: 

Waitrose's version of a summer cup - very sweet, and fruity, When it is mixed with cloudy lemonade, it reminds me a lot of the raspberry ginger ale Schweppes makes.
Sipsmith summer cup - tastes very similar to Pimms No. 1, but with a more herbal and complex flavor
Pimms No. 1 - the classic
Pimms summer cup - made with blackberry and elderflower
Rick's favorite variety is No. 1, but I like the Sipsmith's (a more complex flavor than No. 1) and Pimm's summer. Dad is partial to Pimm's summer, too!

Just in case you want to play along at home, here's a quick recipe for how to make a pitcher of Pimm's! Thanks for the great suggestion, Logan! :)

How to make a pitcher of Pimms

Start with Pimms No. 1, or your favorite summer cup blend. The pitchers sold with Pimm's have markings on the side which help you measure--so smart! You add 250ml of the liquor to the pitcher to begin.

Then, add 750ml of Schweppe's lemonade (or any sparkling lemonade, aka English lemonade). Basically, the ration is 1 part Pimm's, three parts lemonade.

Last, we added chopped lemon, orange, strawberry, mint, and cucumber. The funny blue floating things are our reusable  ice cubes, easily the best thing we have on the boat because they don't water down your drink and you don't have to waste money on ice all the time! Good thinking, Dad!

Stir to combine, and serve! So easy to do, and delicious. When you pour a glass, the mint and fruit naturally falls into the glass and the flavors meld for a great cocktail. Refreshing and perfect for summer!

There was even a beautiful sunset tonight, throwing pink light everywhere. Now, just waiting to see who wins the NED - CRC match!

Have a great night!


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