EuroAdventure Day 26: Afternoon on the boat

(posted by Emily)

Monday 21 July
Daily Step Count: No idea (Pacer app fail)

On Monday, we were excited to get back out on the boat. Most of our trips have been south on the River Lee toward London, and we decided it would be fun to go the other way on this adventure. 

Oh Captain, my captain (nice boat shoes!)
Near the second lock we always go through en route to River Lee, there is some sort of hippie tent camp/boat city that has popped up. Not sure how long they are planning to stay, but there are 8 to 10 boats all tied up together, tarps up in the trees, and hammocks and laundry strung between branches. I can't imagine the Canal and River Trust is too happy about them....

On the way north, we passed few pubs, another marina, and some beautiful houses.  

This is another marina, in Lee Valley 

One of the most amusing sites was this boat, which was pedal powered. A family was riding along, with mom and dad pedaling, while the kids rode inside the boat.

It took a while before we came up to a lock, but man was it a doozy. The water levels were at least 10 feet different, the largest difference we had encountered. There was even a moveable footbridge that had to swung out of the way.  Check out these Youtube videos showing the lock here and here

We didn't quite get all the way to the end of the river branch, but we had  great afternoon out driving. In all, we spent about 4.5 hours out on the water. After pulling back in to our mooring, we made some dinner on the boat and relaxed until bedtime.

Definitely a great day!


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