EuroAdventure Day 27: Last day in London

(posted by Emily)

Tuesday 22 July

On Tuesday, we decided to head in to London for one more day. Malcolm was going in to the city to visit his brother, and was kind enough to pick us up in Roydon and take us along. We enjoyed seeing the smaller towns along the way, and all of the green spaces. 

We decided to head up to Camden Lock Market for lunch. After weighing the options, we decided to try Falafel Time. After filling our wraps with a little bit of everything (no olives for me, please!) and getting them crisped up on the panini press, it was time to enjoy. 

We did a little shopping, and headed up to a meeting I had scheduled near Borough Market/London Bridge. There was time to stop for some happy hour drinks (sorry, no pictures!), but we decided that mostly, we felt fulfilled. There weren't any other sights we wanted to see, no restaurants we hadn't hit yet. So, we got back on the train to Roydon and walked up to the Bengal Lancer for dinner. 

We had some vegetable biryani with curry, which was again delicious. 

On our walk back to the boat, we passed by The Crusader, where there was an exhibition of Morris Dance. It was fun to watch the people in the community all out to support them, and see the enthusiasm they have for their heritage. 

A low key day, but I enjoyed feeling like we had done everything we wanted to do and weren't scrambling to cram something in. If we have to leave, that's the way I want to go out!


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