EuroAdventure Day 8: British Summer Time

(posted by Emily)

Thursday 3 July
Daily Step Count: 26,400

Thursday was a day that we had really been looking forward to. When we first started researching our trip, Rick discovered that one of our favorite bands as playing the British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park. There aren't many groups we would pay to see, but let me tell you--Arcade Fire was worth it. 

We took the quick train ride in to London, and headed to Camden Town. I've been looking forward to checking out a vegan, gluten free bakery called Cookies and Scream for about a year now--we knew you had to get there early in the morning in order to get the best selection of baked goods. We had a Bowser, which is a brownie with a chocolate chip cookie in the middle. Rick knew he wanted a scream shake too, but we decided to come back after breakfast at InSpiral

(sorry it's blurry!)
We walked across the street to InSpiral, where we ordered their vegan version of a traditional English breakfast, and our favorite sun-dried tomato and pesto ciabatta sandwich (Rick was totally skeeved out by the vegan sausage).

view of the canal from the restaurant

We walked back over to Camden Lock market for a cookie dough milkshake, and wandered through the stalls. We happened upon amazing food booths, serving all sorts of ethnic cuisines for lunch. Everything from Mexican, to West African, to Lebanese food was available. I think we will definitely be back!

After breakfast/lunch/brunch, we decided to head over to Hyde Park to pick up our tickets for the concert. The box office was open early, and we figured we could beat the crowds by going early. We ended up walking around the whole concert complex, not on purpose, but it did give us a good lay of the land for later. 

entrance to the festival
As it happened, just as we walked up to the ticket collection window, the event's wifi system went down. The very nice workers let us know that this had been happening on and off all morning, but they expected it to come back soon. hour and a half later, we finally got everythng printed off. The workers were very apologetic, and gave out water bottles to everyone waiting, because it was so hot in the sunshine that day. We later found out it was the hottest day of the year so far.

ugh. waiting. 
so. hot. 
at least we were at the front of the line
By this point, we barely had time to grab something to eat before meeting up with Dad again. We made a quick trip to Vantra (formerly Vitao), another one of our favorite food spots. We grabbed to takeaway boxes and then headed down to the Westminster Doubletree where Dad had booked us a room for the night. We knew the concert would run late, so this was easier than worrying about catching the latest train home to Roydon.

great room!

great view!
We headed up to Hyde Park with plenty of time to spare. We had gotten "seats" in the premium view section, which meant we were able to get close to the front without having to worry about the crush of general admission behind us. Some guy named Jake Bugg was playing when we arrived, but we weren't huge fans of his music. There was one song we sort of recognized, which must mean it's getting popular. 

This concert was a gift to ourseleves, and we decided to treat ourselves to a few drinks and a bottle of wine before the show started. 

Arcade Fire started right on time (thank you, noise ordinance time limits!), and we had a blast singing and dancing along. For those of you that know Rick, you know he is not really a dancing/singing kind of guy, but I'll let the pictures do the talking. So. Much. Fun. 

crazy dancers, right in the middle of the crowd

the lead female singer, hanging out in the crowd
lead male singer, heading back up to the stage

who is this person?! :) 

To quote Rick, "Greatest concert ever." :)



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