EuroAdventure Day 11: Ready for the continent!

(posted by Emily)

Sunday 6 July 
Daily Step Count: 9742

Sunday was our day to get packed up and ready to head over to the European continent! We said goodbye to Dad in the morning, then cleaned up the boat, did some laundry, ate a bunch of produce that would go bad, packed, watched Wimbledon, took out the trash, and got on a late afternoon train to London. 

Dad treated us to a room at the Doubletree Tower of London, which is about a 3 minute walk from the Tower. We checked in with enough time to drop our bags and grab a drink in the Executive Lounge, to catch the end of the men's final. Poor Roger :-/

our room, which looked very similar to the room at the Westminster Doubletree!

drinks and tennis in the Executive Lounge

Rick wanted to get out and do some walking, so off we went toward the Globe Theatre. We found both the old Globe site, and the rebuilt theater as well. Also spied my FleurWatch spot of the day :) 

the site of the historic Globe Theatre
which is underneath an apartment building now! 

The Globe

On the walk back it started to rain, so we ducked in to an Indian restaurant for a quick dinner. Despite being a find out of necessity only, it was really good! 

We ended the evening by checking out the Sky Lounge at the hotel--beautiful views of the Tower and the Tower Bridge! 

looking out toward the Tower

Bed early, as we have to be up early to catch our train to Belgium! 


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