EuroAdventure Day 6: Canal day

(posted by Emily)

Tuesday 1 July
Daily Step Count: around 3500, since we were sailing all day

On Tuesday, we got an early start out on the canal system. From our mooring in Roydon, we are directly connected to the waterways that go down to London. Our goal was to see how far we could get before turning around. It was fun to see the different locks, pubs alongside the water, and all of the scenery on the way. We sailed from about 9:30am until 5:30-6pm. We ventured a little over 5 miles down the canal, then came 5 miles back. It's slow going, but was a fun trip! 

swans and their baby on the river

enjoying the views
coming up on The Fish and Eels pub

Moor your boat and go to the pub!

heading through another lock, with lots of beautiful flowers

stop and get some fuel if you need it
another pub
waterfront houses--beautiful yards!

Inside a lock, inside the boat, before being raised up by the water. 

Doing all of the driving and manual work at the locks is tiring! Lots of cranking and pushing. Rick and I ended up napping a bit before the USA/Belgium game, but stayed up late to watch it. Looking forward to trying to take the boat out without our instructor tomorrow! 



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